Coupon Deals

The idea of highly discounted coupon promotions is to let you “sample” our services first, with little or no risk, and then decide if the personal benefits of tooth whitening are important to your lifestyle.

In almost all cases, the “Coupon Deals,” offered by vendors like Groupon, Living Social, KGB Deals, Amazon Daily Deals, etc., are highly discounted. We also pay as much as 50% of the coupon cost to the vendor, so the revenue we receive does not even cover the cost of providing your treatment. Therefore, we do not pay our technicians any commission or fee on coupon deals. You spend an entire hour under our technicians care. Tipping is very important. And, on “coupon deals” Tips are the technicians only source of income.


The average tip for a 1 hour treatment is $20 to $50.

Our business model is simple. Our only product is tooth whitening. We keep our overhead low, and we pass the savings on to you!

Here is how you can help us…

Please share your whitening lounge tooth whitening experience within your own circle. When your friends and family ask where you got your “gleaming white smile,” just say the whitening lounge.

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Thank you again!!



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